Human Resources - Management Services - Genesis Hospitality Management

Human Resource

Our Human Resources Management Team focuses on maximizing employee performance and retaining talented employees. Several of our programs include:

  • Onboarding | Completion of an intensive checklist of working tasks which ensures our managers are trained and fully competent in their responsibilities

  • 100-in-100 | Begins after 100 working days and covers a detailed list of 100 training points, explanations, and tasks

  • Genpoints | Internal peer-to-peer and manager to employee recognition program using our organization's values. Through the use of praise and recognition, work ethic and engagement increases to help form a cohesive team.

  • Benefits Package | Available to all full-time salaried employees includes health and dental coverage as well as life insurance for employees and their families.

  • Deferred Profit Sharing | Offered to managers after two years of employment. RRSP contributions are matched up to a percentage of the employee’s yearly earnings.

  • Higher Education | Opportunities to take classes, seminars, and courses related to their position within the company and financially reimburse them upon successful completion.

Owner Services - Management Services - Genesis Hospitality Management

Owner Services

We provide Guaranteed Peace of Mind Management

  • Transparent | Guarantee to be upfront and honest about all moving parts of the hotel and hotel operations – and have plans, processes in place to effectively move the hotel forward

  • Timely | Guarantee to report major business interruptions, emergencies, or key employee transitions within two business hours

  • Focused | Guarantee to meet three times per year to align and report on progress towards ownership goals

  • Accountable | Guarantee to deliver monthly sales report within two business days of month-end, deliver financial statements with 15 business days of month-end, (deliver annual budget) – there might be some other accountable item

Finance & Accounting - Management Services - Genesis Hospitality Management

Finance & Accounting

Our Finance and Accounting team ensures accurate and efficient financial operation, through centralized accounting services. These services include:

  • Financial Reporting | Financial Statements are prepared Monthly that include the Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Monthly Revenue & Stats Report, Aged A/R and if applicable, beer bottle shortage tracking. As well the G/L detail for all expense accounts is provided.

  • Accounts Payable | All invoices will be paid on time through the centralized accounting department.

  • Accounts Receivable | All A/R will be managed centrally and updates on all accounts over 60 days are reported on weekly.

  • Payroll Processing | Centralized accounting will ensure accurate and on-time payment of all employee wages. In addition, Wage Costs are monitored on a weekly basis.

  • Government Remittances | Central accounting will ensure all Government Remittances are paid on time.

  • Sales Reporting | Sales are reported within the first three days of month-end. And Cost of Sales are reported within the first 5 days of month-end. These are compared to budget and variances are followed up on.

  • Balanced Scorecards | Will be developed and prepared and provided monthly for all Independent hotels.

  • Fixed Asset Reporting | Reports on Capital Expenditures are prepared and provided. In addition, Capital Additional Projects are monitored and reported on an Actual vs. Projected basis each month.

  • Cash Flow Management | Once enough data is gathered to form trends, reports will be provided indicating what the sources and uses of cash are and try to predict future needs.

  • Audit | Semi-Annually Internal audits are performed to ensure compliance with applicable policies and procedures. Quarterly Audits of Financial Position

Sale, Revenue Management - Management Services - Genesis Hospitality Management

Sales, Revenue Management

Our Sales and Revenue Management activities ensure maximized revenues.

  • Daily Monitoring | Online travel agencies are monitored daily across all properties ensuring parity, current content, and rates are in-line with each properties rate strategy.

  • Reporting | Monthly marketing and E-commerce reports are completed to evaluate the properties’ performance on their websites, on-line travel agent sites and to review upcoming months activities.

  • Stimulus | Training, and incentives are offered to motivate our Sales Teams to achieve their goals ultimately showing RevPAR ahead of the comp sets and above budget.

  • Research | We offer lead generation through research of companies frequenting the areas where each hotel is located. All promotions have their redemption tracked to evaluate success.

Digital Marketing - Management Services - Genesis Hospitality Management

Digital Marketing

Through the creation and implementation of Digital Marketing Campaigns to Search Engine Optimization, we work to ensure our on-line marketing and presence are ahead of our competitors. Our social media platform management and on-line review management programs both have high standards ensuring we deliver to our guests’ needs.

Operations - Management Services - Genesis Hospitality Management


Our company is continually working to increase our efficiency and engagement by implementing exciting and dynamic technology & systems.

  • Moving the Needle | A business operating system to help our hotel managers track specific key performance indicators, as well as setting and keeping commitments, using a cloud-based dashboard.

  • Seamless Communications | All our hotels have migrated to the cloud platform, allowing for seamless collaboration between teams. All email, cloud documents, and task management are standardized across our company, and accessible from anywhere.

  • Restaurant Inventory Control | Inventory Control System leveraging technology to guarantee the accuracy of inventories, instantly track price variances and ensure correct food & beverage costing.

  • Guest Text Messaging System | Guests are provided access to our internal text messaging system, providing them with direct communication to our Front Desk and Banquet Teams.

  • Overtrain | Cloud-based Learning Management System hosting over 110 online modules and over 20 Instructor-led classroom sessions. The system is focused on tracking full-cycle learning for all employees and managers, while maintaining instant reporting, allowing managers to achieve exceptional training results.

Food and Beverage - Management Services - Genesis Hospitality Management

Food and Beverage

Systems incorporated into Food and Beverage departments ensure professional and profitable operations.

  • Guest Satisfaction | Utilizing online and phone based Guest Surveys, our guest experiences are analyzed throughout Restaurants and Banquet Operations.

  • Pre-Shift Program | Intensive and ongoing training of the Pre-Shift process, in addition to custom built Pre-Shift Templates, allow Food & Beverage Managers to plan and execute structured shifts.

  • Upsell Programs | Appetizer, dessert and wine sales are monitored daily, driving increased sales within these value added categories. Incentives are offered for meeting stretch goals, and opportunities are provided to participate in various sales contests.

  • Supplier Relationships | Ongoing and frequent collaboration with preferred suppliers is maintained to secure contract pricing, marketing assistance, and in depth product training.

  • Service Standards | Steps of Service are implemented into all dining experiences, providing consistency for guests, and higher overall cheque average.

Information Technology - Management Services - Genesis Hospitality Management

Information Technology

Genesis Management Services strives to be ahead of the curve, providing the most up-to-date wireless infrastructure and high-speed fiber networks the guest expects, all the necessary tools and training that ownership, management, and employees require, uniformly across all properties. Our technology management services include:

Internet and Networking

  • Guest Wireless Network Management | Non-invasive captive portals for guest network security and liability, wireless AP and controller infrastructure management, on-site development, and deployment of wireless and wired networks.

  • Managed Firewall and Security | Segregation of corporate and guest networks, gateway content filtering, intrusion protection, and bandwidth management.

  • Internet Service Provider Management | Negotiate the best rate and manage broadband or fiber-based connections for maximum bandwidth.


  • Server Management | Manage, monitor, and maintain on-site servers.

  • Computer Management | Monitoring, updating, and technical support for employee workstations including anti-virus, device discovery, software installation, and web backup.

Software and Applications

  • Email and Collaboration | Full suite of managed cloud software applications for email, calendaring, documents, collaboration, messaging, and meetings.

  • Sales and Catering | CRM, group rooms sales, and banquet sales cloud application.

  • Hotel and Guest Operations | Guest messaging, preventative maintenance, housekeeping, front desk notification, ticketing system.

  • Document Management | Cloud-based document management system for collaboration and multi-device access.

  • Inventory Control Management Software | Latest software for restaurant inventory management, control, and menu design.

  • PMS Management | Support and assist in managing brand standard PMS systems or provide, train and manage independent PMS system.

  • Intranet | Company-wide Intranet for standards and policies, news, and employee information.

  • Employee Time Management | Time clock and payroll application to manage employees.

Online and Digital Management

  • Web Site Development and Support | Brand standard or independent site development management.

  • Reputation Management and Social Media | Web-based application and writers to support internet presence management of social media sites, map sites, and monitor listings and reviews.

Our philosophy revolves around staying on top of and embracing disruptive technologies that improve the guest experience and streamline operations.