Third Party Management - Develop - Genesis Hospitality Management

Third Party Management

  • Solid, reliable asset and operations management.

  • Improving and driving bottom-line returns to owners and investors.

  • Access to partners and supply management relationships.

  • Customized revenue management.

  • Experience with Union and non-union environments.

  • Human resource team guidance

  • Excellent knowledge of banquets and foodservice operations

  • Internal Quality Assurance team

  • On-site classroom led training

  • Sales and Marketing Plan Development

  • Annual Budget Preparation and Presentation

  • Hassle-free – worry-free, third-party management.

  • Always accessible and accountable.

Acquisitions - Develop - Genesis Hospitality Management


  • In-depth review for potential growth and pitfalls

  • Analysis of Property Improvement Plans

  • Financial analysis of opportunities

  • Strong connection to the huge database of available Canadian assets for sale

  • Extensive Due Diligence discovery

Re-Branding - Develop - Genesis Hospitality Management


  • Experience in re-branding opportunities

  • Franchise contract negotiation

  • Knowledge of several Hotel Franchises including Marriott, Choice Hotels and Best Western

  • Financial planning for capital improvements and long term planning

New Building - Develop - Genesis Hospitality Management

New Building

  • Finance Negotiation and funding progresses

  • Pre-Planning with Hotel Franchises

  • Contractor Management

  • Architect Management

  • Project Management

  • IT Systems Deployment

Procurement - Develop - Genesis Hospitality Management


  • For Property Improvement Plans or New Builds

  • Access to numerous supplier relationships

  • Full disclosure on pricing