Genesis Hospitality fosters an innovative and supportive culture. One of the components of the Genesis culture is the “Roll up your sleeves attitude”, our employees show their peers, guests, and even themselves the level of commitment they have towards their team. 

“Continuous Clean” is a mindset that is instilled in each individual within the organization. It’s about taking pride in the workplace and giving positive first impressions.

Through systematic evaluations, during the interview process, the Genesis Hospitality hiring staff are objectively observing the traits of potential employees to determine a good fit within our organization.

During the first day of orientation, all new employees are introduced to the six internally developed, innovative guarantees. These guarantees ensure our products and services are delivered in a professional and consistent manner: 110% Guaranteed Clean Guest Rooms, $500 Guaranteed Banquets, 3 Bite Guaranteed Meals in the restaurant, 2-Hour Voice Mail Guarantee, Overtrained Employees Guaranteed and Open Door Guarantee. By showcasing each guarantee on a continual basis through online and classroom training, each employee is exposed to the company’s culture on a regular basis.

Thirty-five best practices have been implemented within the organization to help guide the team to improve their results in responding to guests’ needs, internal and external communication and managing their daily responsibilities.

A Culture of Praise and Recognition