We know hotels use an enormous amount of water and energy, they also collect a tremendous amount of waste. So, Genesis Hospitality Management decided to initiate several practices and programs to minimize garbage, water and energy waste. As an environmentally friendly organization, we are proud to participate in recycling programs, kitchen composting and our linen reuse programs.

We now own two hybrid cars that act as shuttles between the hotels and the airports. Low-flow toilets have been installed in our hotels as well as compact fluorescent lighting which use sensors and timers for areas that are not frequently used. Our Green Stays Start Here door hangers invite guests to help us conserve water and reduce the use of chlorine and detergents by reusing towels.

We also encourage guests to take their complimentary toiletries home with them rather than leaving behind half used bottles of lotion and soaps that can’t be re-used. Through these programs, we strive to lessen our carbon footprint on the environment.

This year our Best Western Inn on the Bay took home the 2017 Champion Green Award. This prestigious award is earned by Best Western properties that demonstrate a commitment to sustaining resources and reducing their carbon footprint. We were named one of 87 hotels in Canada and the United States out of 2,100 properties.